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Free and Streamlined File Viewing Software for Personal Computers

File Viewer is an excellent software package for anyone who may have difficulty locating a specific file or folder. Its user-friendly nature and flexible options can quickly uncover most file types, even if they are hidden or have been sent to the recycle bin. This software is free to download and install.

Main Features and Usability

One of the most important advantages of File Viewer is that it can uncover nearly any piece of information. Some examples here include raw images, video files, audio files, spreadsheets and text documents. Multiple formats are likewise supported. A handful of codecs include WMV, WAV, DOC, TXT, PDF and IMG. It is best to consult the website directly in order to view the entire list.

Additional Options and Benefits

Another distinct difference of File Viewer when compared to similar programs is that it is able to work with older operating systems. This is an obvious advantage for those who may not possess up-to-date software. There are even times when unknown formats can still be opened and modified. In the event that the format is not supported, its contents may still be able to be viewed in hexadecimal text. Please note that while it is possible to view numerous file types, separate software will be required to edit the contents.


  • File viewer is free to download
  • This software package will recognise nearly every file type


  • The contents of files cannot be modified
  • There can be rare occasions when a specific format is not recognised


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File Viewer


File Viewer 1.4 for Mac


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